Kristina You:
Introductory Questions

    1. My name is Kristina You, I am a Senior majoring in Communication Design.

    2. I previously was enrolled in the course but did not complete it so I re-enrolled. I also think that it is useful to know the basic information to build a website, especially when working with UI/UX designers or building my own website.

    3. I only have a tiny bit of experience with HTML and CSS from previously taking this class for a short amount of time but I don't have any other experience besides that.

    4. I hope to get a better sense of knowledge about designing for the screen and also be able to design my own portfolio site.

    5. I think that people interact with a screen differently than they do with something physical, so I think that clarity of hierarchy seems to be more important for web design.

    6. Out of the Dark

      I think that the website for Out of the Dark type foundry has a website that communicates well with its audience because the website is really interactive and responsive in the way that it displays each typeface in use.

    7. ID Magazine

      I think that the website for ID Magazine works well because the hierarchy of information is very clear and the navigation through the site is very accessible for the user.